Pho Thuan Loi - Vietnamese Cuisine

Soups - Súp

Topped with fried red onions and chopped scallions.

42. Hoành Thánh Súp
Wonton Dumplings Soup with BBQ Pork
43. Hoành Thánh Mì
Wonton Dumplings & Egg Noodle Soup with BBQ Pork
44. Súp Mang Cua
Crabmeat, Bamboo, and Egg Soup
45. Mìen Gà
Vermicelli Soup with Chicken
46. Mìen Cua
Vermicelli Soup with Imitation Crabmeat
47. Mìen Tôm
Vermicelli Soup with Shrimp
48. Súp Trung
Egg Drop Soup