Pho Thuan Loi - Vietnamese Cuisine

About Pho Thuan Loi

Pho Thuan Loi – The First Vietnamese Restaurant in Cape Cod, MA!

Pho Thuan Loi is a Vietnamese “family-owned” restaurant where you can always find fresh food, authenticity, and comfortable dining. A place where friends and families can also come to enjoy Vietnamese food, whenever they are tired of having fried seafood in Cape Cod, MA. In addition, the family and staffs at Pho Thuan Loi will gladly be to lead you through the menu with helpful suggestions, if you have any questions and/or not familiar with Vietnamese cuisine.

Thuan Loi means “to be able to overcome obstacles and gain a great advantage as the result” in Vietnamese. This term explains the story of the family, who owns Pho Thuan Loi. The parents, Kim and Anh, were both refugees from Vietnam in 1979. At the time, they had undergone many obstacles after the Vietnam War and had to escape their home country in hopes to find a better future for their children. As a result, despite of all their hardships, Kim and Anh had never given up, and today, they are also now able to live out their dream and bring their passion to life. The father, Anh’s dream was to have another successful business one day that he had lost in Vietnam. Meanwhile, the mother, Kim, had a passion for Vietnamese cooking and dream to have her cooking introduced to the world. In 2001, Kim and Anh found an opportunity and established Pho Thuan Loi in Cape Cod. Now, with the help of Kim and Anh’s 8 wonderful children to run the restaurant, you will also feel a friendly family environment. This is not your typical restaurant experience and don’t expect fast-food style. What you see and get is that your food will be prepared like it’s right out of “Mama’s kitchen.” Kim and Anh’s philosophy , “Come in happy and leave happy with your stomach full!”